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Bow ties, the latest trend in fashion for all kinds of events

 Different types of bow ties

Keys to choosing the perfect bow tie

How to tie a classic knot?

Bow ties, the latest trend in fashion for all kinds of events

The bow ties are a complement that historically has been linked to elegance, sophistication and various events of etiquette, but in recent years has taken a radical turn to use, offering looks modern and original, with a more casual style, becoming an element capable of providing a touch of distinction. fashionbeautypalace

This peculiar accessory was invented in the seventeenth century, in order to keep the collar of the shirts closed and in the correct position; but it was not until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that it was not implemented as a more stylistic element. techgeeksblogger

Today, they are used by both men and women, in different sizes and materials, and in all kinds of environments, not only on catwalks and special events, but also in day-to-day outfits.  triotechdigital

Different types of bow ties

From the classic men's bow ties , used as a complement to formal suits such as tuxedos or tailcoats, to the most modern, which combine perfectly even with jeans, through business suits, or important events such as weddings, graduations or deliveries of awards, this original accessory has become indispensable in all types of cabinets. We can find them in a multitude of styles and colors, and can be divided, depending on their size and shape, into five different groups:  computertechreviews

Skinny bow ties : these are extremely fine, popularized in the 50s and 60s by famous personalities in the United States.  gethealthandbeauty

Thin bow ties : they are a little wider than the previous ones, although they are still quite thin, about two inches.

Classic bow ties: they are the most common, with a standard size knot and slightly wider ends than the previous models.

Butterfly bow ties : classic knot, but the larger ends resembling, as the name suggests, the silhouette of a butterfly. This bow tie model is ideal for Italian collars, for informal suits and for wide-necked shirts.

Diamond bow ties : they are similar to the previous type, but in this case the ends end in the shape of a beak or triangle.

 We can also find another classification of bow ties, this time taking into account the way in which they are closed, there are two possible options:

Click bow ties: they are very comfortable, since the bow remains intact, it does not untie, since they are closed with a snap button, which allows them to be put on and taken off with great ease. The biggest drawback of this model of bow ties is that they can be somewhat artificial, since they do not have much movement. Anyway, it is the ideal type of bow tie for more casual occasions, adding a modern touch to any outfit.

Self tie or knot bow ties : they are somewhat more complicated to put on, since they require a perfect knot , but they are perfect for more formal suits and looks, offering different possibilities in terms of symmetry and size.

 Keys to choosing the perfect bow tie

Based on the different classifications of bow ties, it is necessary to know how to choose the right one for each look and each occasion. The main elements to take into account are:

Color : available in an infinity of shades and patterns. The most convenient thing, if you are a beginner in this fabulous world of bow ties, is that you start with one in solid color. The safe bet will always be black, white if you want to wear it with a tailcoat, but if you want to risk it, opt for bright, more striking colors. Do you dare to wear a print? They are incredible and highly original.

Choose the right shirt : the best way to combine it is to choose the appropriate shirt based on the bow tie you have chosen. Take into account the shirt's collar, texture, and color.

But you must not forget that the main thing when choosing your bow tie, as in any other type of choice of garment or accessories, is to feel comfortable and safe once you wear it, so let yourself be carried away by your tastes and choose the one that best suits you. adapt to your needs.

 How to tie a classic knot?

Now the tricky part of this equation, when we go for knot models.

How can we get a perfect bow by following a few simple steps? If we want to get a short bow, the most common knot and with the simplest appearance, we must do the following:

First, with the shirt perfectly buttoned, raise the collars of the shirt and place the tie symmetrically.

To start knotting it, first cross the right side over the left making a classic knot.

Subsequently, fold the right side in half, starting to make the loop and fix it by passing the left side in front.

Next, fold the loop made to the left side and pass the left one by folding it as well.

Finally, adjust it on both sides, taking care that they are the same size and in the same way.

Lower the collars of the shirt and show off your perfect short knot.

 Are you ready to get started in the world of bow ties? Once you start using them, you will not want to stop doing it, in any model and for any occasion.