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I present you a short list of the best fashion blogs. This 2021 that has just begun can be your great year and to achieve your goals you have to dress according to what you want to achieve, don't you think? Today I bring you the best international fashion blogs , where you can find the best inspiration to look perfect every day. And follow the advice of model Kimora Lee: techqueer

"Always dress as if you were going to see your worst enemy", that is, always great!

Fashion bloggers are many and very good but I wanted to select 5 fashion blogs that from my point of view share quality and content. If you like the world of fashion, you will surely know them. In this sector of fashion and trends, everything is possible. digitalknowledgetoday

The Blonde Salad

 This classification of fashion blogs could not begin with any other than Chiara Ferragni's. Surely this name sounds familiar to you and the fact is that the Italian, who started with this blog back in 2009, where she talked about her personal style and her travels, is, today, considered the most powerful digital entrepreneur. And you only need to expression at the figures to realize this: The Blonde Salad's instagram account has a million followers and her personal account, nothing more and nothing less then, 22.4 million! healthnutritionhints

Chiara is not only dedicated to her blog, in 2013 she launched her own fashion and accessories brand; In addition, since 2016, The Blonde Salad is also a talent agency managed, among others, by its sisters.

At present, the blog has practically been transformed into an online magazine, where we can find the following sections: smartdiethealth

Fashion: where it shows us different garments and accessories, as well as different brands and, of course, look options.

Beauty: where we find different routines, brands and most used products.

Lifestyle: here he advises us on books and series and shows us options for recipes and training. In addition, we can find our horoscope in this section of the blog, what will the future hold?

People: in this last point we find news about different famous people.

If you still don't know her blog, you can't waste any more time, stay up to date on the latest in fashion by following this fabulous blog . healthfitnesschampion

Sincerely Jules

 Julie Sariñana founded this wonderful blog in 2009, as a compilation of her daily inspiration, her thoughts and, of course, photos about her personal style.

Over the years, Julie has become one of the most recognized fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the world, with more than 5.7 million followers on her Instagram profile.

She is a great inspiration for style and, thanks to her experience in the world of fashion and the recognition she has received, she has been encouraged to launch her own clothing line: Shop Sincerely Jules.

In the entries he publishes on his blog, he wants to share with his readers his motto: "Dream, believe, achieve."

The sections that we can find are the following:

My style: where it shows us the best way to combine clothes, colors, hairstyles and accessories, among other things, as well as examples of looks.

Collaborations: in this section we can see the collaborations that Jules carries out with different brands.

Lifestyle: here we can see beauty tips, decoration, as well as posts where he shows us his travels, the festivals he attends and other events.

Buy my looks: it offers us the direct links to the stores where we can find the clothes that she herself wears in the photos of her publications.

The latest: latest trends in selected items.

You cannot miss the latest fashion news that Julie shows us in Sincerely Jules , what are you waiting for to see her blog?

Angel wings

 Alas de Ángel is the pseudonym used by the Murcian, living in Seville, María del Mar Álvarez (Maray).

This young lover of photography, animals, music, nature and, how could it be otherwise, fashion, founded her blog in 2010 as a means to show all her looks.

Today, Maray is a stylist, image consultant and even has her own clothing brand, where she designs fun and original t-shirts and sweatshirts.

If you want to know the latest fashion news, her examples of outfits and her fabulous brand, don't forget to follow her blog, you can find it at this link .

Silvia's closet

 One of the best examples of egoblog is the one managed by Silvia García de la Paz , El Armario de Silvia.

What is that of egoblog? This term is used in the world of fashion and online media to designate those blogs where a person shows their personal looks, the outfits they use in their day-to-day lives.

Silvia combines her work as a blogger, with her profession as a dance teacher and her work as a Personal Shopper. An example of a multitasking woman. In addition, she is the director of the Personal Shopper School, a training school for future Personal Shoppers. Will you have a spare minute in your day to day? As if that were not enough, this influencer, who has more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram, is married with two children.

And now, we continue with his blog, an essential source of inspiration for new looks, where we can find the following sections:

Looks: where it shows us different garments, as well as the best way to take care of them, latest trends and news about different brands. Within this section we can find casual and formal looks, which one do you prefer?

Videos: in a much closer way, as if it were a face to face, Silvia shows us hauls of garments, house tours , trips and, she could not miss, compilation videos of her attendance at different Fashion Weeks .

Services: in this section we can see a wide range of his services as Personal Shopper, as well as different workshops he teaches and training.

Shop: through this section of the blog we can get clothes that appear in her photographs, do you want to follow one of Silvia's looks to the letter? Here you can get it.

If you have found an interesting blog, do not wait any longer to follow it, you can visit it right now at this link .

The Queen of Low Cost

 Behind this comprehensive blog is Pilar Pascual Riquelme , a journalist by profession and a lover of fashion, music and poetry, among other things. He fuses his knowledge of journalism and social networks, with his great passion and shows us that it is possible to be fashionable without spending a lot.

In the blog we can find the following sections:

Total look: where it shows us garments of all styles and the best ways to combine them.

Poetry: presentation of different poets and fragments of their works.

Beauty: it focuses, above all, on treatments, products and examples of recipes to take care of yourself.

DIY: in this section we can see tricks and examples of garment customization and decoration and gift ideas.

Raffles and events: here we present raffles that brands carry out through online media.

Learn more about La Reina del Low Cost and enjoy the wide variety of posts that you can find on her profile.