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Fashion Dictionary

 I have decided to create a dictionary / glossary on the most frequent terms used in the world of fashion. Welcome to the 2021 fashion dictionary.


Alexa : Burberry bag created in honor of the it girl Alexa Chung.
Alpaca : Cloth made from the hair of the ruminant of the same name that lives mainly in South America. techwadia


Blazer : Anglo-Saxon term to define an American.
Brocade : Silk cloth interwoven with gold or silver, so that the metal forms on the upper face flowers or briscado designs.
Babydoll : Style based on childhood and dolls. It uses embroidery, bows, ruffles ... etc.
Bandeau : Band or very short top that covers the chest
Borsalino : Hat with a ribbon at its base
Biker :
Boho leather jacket : Bohemian or hippie style of dress.
Boyfriend : Applied to clothing, it refers to what has a masculine cut.



Camel : Light brown
Cardigan : Cardigan, cardigan.
Casual : Casual style.
Chic : Something or someone elegant and stylish.
Choker : Choker.
Clutch : It is a small bag or handbag.
Coolhunter : That person who looks for the latest fashion trends on the streets of the main cities of the world.
Crop Top : Short top with which you can see the belly.
Cashmere : Goat hair fabric mixed, sometimes with wool. Very fine woolen fabric made from a Cashmere goat. It is also colloquially called cashmere.
Crepe: Woolen, silk or cotton fabric with a rough surface.
Chiffon : Textured fabric, generally very soft; it can be silk, cotton or velvet. Rayon is also used. Simple plain knit fabric, their faces are different from each other unlike interlock.
Chino : Loose pants for men.
Chintz : Cotton fabric with a glossy finish, usually printed with long floral motifs.
Customize or Customize : Adapt or transform a product or service (preferably homemade) to the taste or needs of the user, personalizing the new garment. (From English: to customize: to measure, personalized).
Cut out: Garment that has openings on the sides or at the back.


Damask : Strong fabric of silk or wool and with patterns formed with the fabric. Strong silk or wool fabric, with patterns formed with the fabric and whose brightness distinguishes them from the background.
Denim: Made of denim. (It comes from the contraction "of Nimes" which is the city in the south of France where the aforementioned the fabric was created).
Unstructured: When a garment seems to have been made without any pattern, since the traditional cuts required by this type of garment are not used.
Dubetina : Fur fabric similar to velvet but made of knitted fabric.
Dye: Acronym for "do it yourself" or do it yourself. It comes hand in hand with customizing.
Dress code : Dress code for every occasion


Lace : it is a delicate fabric that is made with sewing needles, machine or bobbins and that makes the shape of flowers or other figures. Total trend this season.
Halter neckline : More than a neckline, it is a type of cut that reveals the arms, shoulders and back. It fastens at the back of the neck. It is very suitable for women with a good figure, and helps to disguise the generous bust.
Strapless neckline: It is the best known neckline and one of the most used. Ideal for
women with little bust, although it favors all types of women. It is straight, both front and back, strapless. Drop one three fingers below the shoulder. It is elegant, discreet and is widely used in wedding dresses.
Dropped shoulder neckline: Type of neckline that falls over the shoulders, either straight or ending in a V, exposing the upper part of the waist and neck. It can be used with some type of elastic strap or it can be held rigid. It is very flattering and quite striking, ideal for women with a generous bust.
Illusion neckline: Round neckline, which owes its name to the mesh (usually transparent) that covers the neckline, known as a net. It is ideal for women with a high and slim neck, also for women with narrow shoulders. The net that covers the neckline can be mesh, tulle, organza, lace or illusion net covering the chest to the neck.
Sweetheart neckline: It goes from the shoulders to the bust line, ending in a heart peak, and can be smooth or with some type of embroidery or lace. Widely used in romantic models. Not very suitable for short or short necked women.
Swan neckline (high neck) : It can start from the upper chest line to the highest part of the neck. They can be lace (the most used), thread or rhinestones. Ideal for women with a long and slim neck. It is widely used with hair collected or touched, to show its elegance.
Box neckline (round) : Simple neckline, which curves from the bust line to the shoulders.
Bateau neckline: Neckline that forms a straight line that goes from shoulder to shoulder (following the line of the clavicle), and that leaves the shoulders slightly bare. It comes close to the neck and usually goes in the same way both in front and behind the dress. It is good for harmonizing and balancing the figure. It can go smooth or with some type of thread embroidery or rhinestones. It is a very elegant, simple and quite discreet neckline.
French (square) neckline: Rectangular or square neckline, which fits the bust; It is ideal for women who have wide hips and a thin waist, as it emphasizes the bust by concentrating attention on this point. It is a type of neckline widely used in empire-cut dresses.
Strapless neckline: Neckline that admits various shapes, from round to v-shaped or heart. It leaves the shoulders bare, making it ideal for thin, straight shoulders. Used in princess cut dresses, straight or the well-known A-line dresses. They are very well accompanied by a scarf or shawl.
Cleavage peak : From the shoulders, which leave some bare, down to the top of the bust, a beak or V. Estila figures slightly wide, generous busts out and highlights the shoulders.
Princess neckline: Type of neckline that is open at the front and closed at the back, by means of a small flap.
Mandarin neckline: Oriental cut neckline, round, quite closed; It is believed to come from Japanese culture, which greatly stylizes the figure, and is ideal for any type of woman.
Draped neckline : Round or V-cut neckline, which gives it a certain volume by minimizing details such as a generous bust or a not very stylized neckline.
Lace : Woven of meshes, bows or lace, with flowers, figures or other work, which is made with bobbins, sewing or hook needle, etc., or by machine. Knitting of tights, bows or lace with work, made with bobbins, sewing needle, crochet, or mechanically.

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