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Invest in stocks in the fashion sector

One of the best ways to take advantage of the money you are saving is through investments since, if things go well, you will be able to receive great benefits from these businesses.

But you cannot forget that it is a complicated process, which involves some risks, so before carrying out any type of investment it is necessary to be totally sure and inform yourself about it, being advisable to have the help of experts in the fields.

Ok, suppose you are determined to invest and you are considering the different options available to you, have you thought about acquiring shares in companies in the fashion sector? This market is one of the most important in the economy of this country, since it has some of the most powerful brands in the world, such as Inditex, Mango, El Corte Inglés or Cortefiel.
But not only Spanish firms achieve great benefits within the world of fashion , there are many companies in this sector that have a large heritage and that are listed on different stock exchanges worldwide.
Next, I show you a ranking of the main brands in the sector with a higher turnover and profit margin, all of them available in the stock market of different countries.


Companies to consider if you plan to invest in the fashion sector

Christian Dior : this luxury firm belongs to the LVMH group and is oriented to Haute Couture, hence its sales income is higher than 55,000 million dollars, enjoying profits of nothing more and nothing less than 3,000 million.
This company is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and has an approximate valuation of 80,000 million euros. The price of each of your shares? At this moment, we can find them for a value of € 464.20.

Inditex: the turnover of the Spanish magnate Inditex amounts to more than 30,000 million dollars and has even higher profits than the first company positioned in this ranking, since the figure rises to 4,000 million dollars. The company has managed to achieve these stratospheric figures thanks to the reinvestment and diversification of its stores, reaching more than seven thousand physical stores, in addition to its increase in online sales, working in more than 200 markets worldwide.
Inditex is listed on the Spanish stock market, this being the most valuable of the IBEX 35 and the company's value is around 100,000 million euros. You can get a share of the Inditex group for only € 25.90. Affordable, don't you think?

TJX Cos : this American company has about 3,000 stores between the American country and the European market, with which it exceeds 30,000 million dollars in turnover. This allows him to obtain a profit of 3,000 million.
The company's total value is $ 75 billion and its shares, which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, cost $ 68.38.

Fast Retailing : this Japanese group, which also includes Uniqlo, is currently in a growth process, reaching a turnover of more than 20,000 million dollars, with profits of 1,500 million.
The valuation of this group of companies is around 60,000 million dollars and the shares, which have a value of 104,750 yen (Japanese currency), are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

H&M : This Swedish company is one of the traditional rivals of the Spanish group Inditex. This textile company invoices, through its physical stores around the world and its online commerce, nothing more and nothing less than € 20,000 million, achieving a profit margin of 1,400 million.
The company, which has a total value of 28.8 billion euros, is listed on the country's stock exchange and each of its shares is priced at 189.00 Swedish crowns.

Gap : another of the large American textile companies is none other than Gap, which has a turnover of 16,000 million dollars, achieving profits of approximately 1,000 million.
The valuation of the company in the stock market is 5.7 billion euros, while its shares have a value of $ 23.94.
7. Zalando : finally, the queen of the online market, the German company Zalando, who achieves a turnover of 6,000 million dollars, although its profits only amount to 60 million.
In this case, the company, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has a value of more than 11,000 million, while its shares are priced at € 97.36.

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