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Men's watches, the accessory that never goes out of style.

There are clothes and accessories that are timeless in fashion and basic that can never be lacking in our closet, a white sport, jeans, a leather jacket and, of course, a watch !

We can find multiple styles, with different colored straps, spheres with different backgrounds and of different sizes . But there is a type of watch that will never go out of style, the classic style.

And today I want to show you the amount of options that this simple accessory offers to create scandal looks for any occasion, becoming the undisputed star of the set.

What are the best looks to combine with classic style watches?

Although the most widespread idea is that a man should wear a classic watch as an accompaniment to a suit, with a shirt, shoes and a tie, come on, pure traditional style, current fashion offers great options for combining garments and accessories arranged, with others more casual. And they have become my favorite looks!

So, below, you can find a unimportant list of outfits ideal for different types of plans and events in which yes or yes a classic style watch fits perfectly. Ready to catch all eyes? Go for it.

Sporty look

Who said you can't wear sportswear with a traditional watch and look spectacular? It is one of the combinations that I like the most and it has become a classic in social networks.

We started with a sweatpants, my favorite option is one in light gray, but since sportswear has become a trend, you can find it in any color. Also, if you prefer a less sporty casual style, you can opt for a denim jogger, for example.

To continue with the look we only need a basic white short-sleeved T-shirt and trainers of the same color.

And the time has come to choose the accessories, a cap and glasses are ideal in summer, but the accessory that can never be missing is a classic watch with a metal strap, it can be silver or black, as you prefer, but the best alternative so that totally attract attention is that the sphere is black. Don't you think it's precious?

 Casual look

Garments for day to day, the most common, but with the differentiating touch that only a well-chosen watch is capable of providing.

We can achieve this effect with jeans, the most current trend in men's fashion is based on tapered jeans, wide along the legs but tight at the ankle. A printed Hawaiian-style shirt and trainers complete this perfect summer outfit. If the day is cool, you can add a wide sweatshirt with a large illustration on the back.

For this look I would also opt for a watch with a metallic strap, preferably silver and with a white dial. A classic that has become a trend. And we understand why.

Dressed up but informal look

For a casual meal, a plan with friends or a night out during this hot summer.

A shirt with a mandarin collar in a light neutral tone, with bermuda shorts in a striking color, with a leather belt and flip-flops or espadrilles.

As accessories, a chain and a panama-style straw hat. And now the important thing. This time we are going to opt for a classic watch with an earth tone or beige strap, seeking to combine it with the belt.

 Formal look

Now, here we can include the classic of the classics, the suit of jacket and pants with shirt, tie, shoes and belt. And the typical black or brown strap watch, matching the rest of the accessories.

But it is not necessary to follow the outfit to the letter, even less with the summer temperatures. In the same way, we can choose a chino, the color or pattern you want, my favorites at the moment are those with gray squares. A basic t-shirt or polo shirt can complete this ideal look.

The most formal option is shoes, but do you dare to include white sneakers ?

This type of look accepts all kinds of classic watches, so let your imagination fly and choose your favorite, although it is complicated among so many options, right?

Is it clear then that you have the style you have and choose the garments that you choose, a watch can always improve the set? It is a  must have  in every rule and the best thing is to have different options for different outfits and events. Or could you choose a single watch? It seems like an impossible mission to me.

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