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The types of sunglasses

  Sunglasses. It seems that little by little the sun is coming (hopefully to stay) and we begin to consider changing our wardrobe towards more spring clothes.

At these times of the year is when we also begin techsupportreviews  to consider whether to continue one more year with the same sunglasses or to embark on the adventure of buying new ones, although you should know that it is a necessary accessory every day of the year, since Even if it is cloudy, UV rays also penetrate and this type of glasses offers us protection against them.

If you are thinking of getting a new model of sunglasses , in today's post I bring you all the necessary information so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

Types of crystals according to the protection filter

There are different models of crystals depending on the absorption capacity of the solar rays that they present, the scale being from 0 to 4.

Filter 0 : also known as attenuating luminosity crystals, they are the clearest that exist and allow between 80% and 100% of sunlight to pass through, so they do not provide any type of real protection, but rather their function is more good aesthetic.

Filter 1 : Also called contrasting luminance crystals. They are clear, although they have a slight coloration, so they are indicated for places where sunlight is light, since they allow the passage of between 44% and 80% of it.

Filter 2: also known as medium brightness crystals, since they allow between 19% and 43% of sunlight to pass through. These crystals are moderately colored.

Filter 3 : they are very dark, which makes them the ideal option for outdoor areas with a lot of light, such as the beach or the mountains. These only allow between 9% and 18% of sunlight.

Filter 4 : they are the darkest crystals that we can find, since they only allow the passage of between 3% and 8% of light. Its use is recommended in environments where the luminosity is extreme, such as during certain water sports or for skiing or hiking in the high mountains. They are also ideal for covering the eyes after undergoing certain eye operations, such as cataracts. It is recommended not to use glasses with this type of lens to drive, as they are too dark and can make it difficult to see in areas of medium brightness.

Types of crystals based on the treatment carried out

We can make another classification in terms of crystals based on the type of treatment that is carried out on them, through which we can find four different types:

Anti-reflective crystals : they reduce glare, they are also capable of preventing the sun's rays from reflecting on the surface of the crystals, which allows it to be seen more clearly.

Mirror crystals: they offer great protection to the eyes, thanks to their barrier effect.

Photochromic crystals : these types of lenses are capable of changing their hue depending on the light intensity to which they are exposed, so the protection they offer varies.

Polarized lenses: reduce glare, which makes them the ideal lenses for driving.

 Sunglasses models based on face shape

There are countless models of glasses with very varied characteristics, from the classic aviator-type glasses, to those with half frames, through cat-eye-style glasses, with round or square frames, among many others.

There are options for all tastes and colors, but today I want to show you which ones tend to fit better taking into account the features of the face.

Sunglasses for elongated faces : the models that shine the most are the oval ones in soft colors.

For heart-shaped faces : this type of face is characterized by having a narrow and pronounced chin, high cheekbones and a broad forehead. The ideal model for this type of face are aviator glasses.

For diamond-shaped faces : for women with a narrow forehead, high cheekbones and slightly marked chin, the ideal model of glasses are elongated ones, trying to cover the forehead as little as possible. The most stylized shape in these cases are the rounded ones.

For square faces : defined by a similar width that goes from the forehead to the jaw, passing through the cheekbones. The model that best suits women with this type of face are rounded glasses, located as high as possible.

For round faces : the ideal models are those of large size that have a square or rectangular shape. The final touch will be given with a thick frame, thus elongating the features. The glasses of this style that best suit rounded faces are those in dark tones or intense colors.

For triangular faces : frames that add volume to the upper part of the face, such as elongated glasses, without actually covering the temples.

For faces with an inverted triangle shape : on the contrary, on faces with this type of features, the glasses that fit the best are those with rounded frames, soft tones and light materials. The ideal model? The aviator glasses with open frames.

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