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What does your beauty bag have to include?

It happens to us when we go on a weekend trip, it happens to us in our bag on a daily basis, both are full of the classics "just in case", which fill the space unnecessarily.

Don't worry, it usually happens to me too, but I have found the key to avoiding it, at least in the beauty product bag , which I fill only with those items that are essential and that could be needed at any time of the day.

Are you ready to know what to include in your case without weighing tons? Don't miss the following listings.

 Toiletry bag for day to day, what can not be missing?

I have to say that not all of us need the same amount of cosmetics, if you do not usually use makeup, the volume of your toiletry bag will be less, while if you paint daily and spend long hours away from home, the case should be more complete.

This brings us to the first important decision, the size of the toiletry bag in question. Here I cannot give you the correct answer, since each one knows if they will need more or less space for their basic articles. I usually use a medium-sized one for day-to-day use and a somewhat larger one for travel, but this is a matter of taste and needs.

Now, the important part, what should the beauty bag include?

My first basic product is a cocoa , it can never be missing in my toiletry bag, to constantly keep my lips hydrated and well cared for.

For just over a year, another item that has become one of the main ones in my day to day has been the hydroalcoholic gel for the hands . Although practically all establishments have their own, I prefer to take mine, since I have been noticing that when mixing different concentrations and types, my hands look sore.

Another essential product, linked to the previous one, is a moisturizing hand cream, to avoid the dryness of alcohol on the skin.

A serum or a moisturizing cream for the face is also a must in my case, as is one with a sun protection factor that, as I have told you on many previous occasions, is essential at any time of the year.

Now, when it comes to makeup, you can never miss a concealer for dark circles and small imperfections. Although you apply it just before leaving home, it is possible that sweat or long hours at work or on the street end up taking a toll on its result, so I always carry it with me in case a touch-up is necessary.

The mascara is also always with me. I do not usually need to touch it up, but it has happened to me at some time to go out without putting on makeup and to be notified for a plan or a meeting, a little mascara and voilĂ !

Another essential item to get a basic makeup that you should always carry in your toiletry bag is the blush .

For more elaborate makeup, either in order to carry out touch-ups or to paint from scratch if an appointment arises while away from home, we must include an eyeliner, a makeup base and powder, or a BBcream , some eye shadows and a lipstick . Although for this you will need a larger toiletry bag.

Finally, a small comb , especially for those with curls or bangs, to have the hair totally under control.

And so, you would have the case ready for day to day.

 Toiletry bag for a getaway or a vacation, what are the essential products?

If what you need is to prepare a toiletry bag for a trip, either for a weekend visit or for a longer vacation, in addition to the basic products, you should include others necessary for the day-to-day away from home:

Make-up remover : I have always talked to you about the importance of doing a deep cleaning of the skin, especially when you have some makeup on your face.

If you are going for a long period of time and are used to doing weekly treatments, don't forget about your face masks and scrubs .

A hair dryer and hair straighteners are also important, especially in more humid places, to be able to control the volume and frizziness of the hair.

Toothbrush and paste .

A small first-aid kit is always welcome, with daily pills, if needed, some anti-inflammatory, plasters, etc.

A cologne or perfume . In this case, if you travel by plane and do not check luggage, you must be careful with the size of the boat.


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